Web Development


Social networking site to meet new people and join fun events

Angular.js • Firebase • Facebook API

Madagascar Games

Gaming site with Hangman and two-player Tic-Tac-Toe

Javascript • Ruby • Sinatra


Recommends date ideas in NYC based on preferences

Backbone.js • Express • Postgresql


Writers commit to write 250 words per day or face social shaming

Ruby on Rails • Facebook API • Twilio API

Product Management

American Express Video Chat

Video chat with customer service on the Amex iPad app

American Express iPhone Apps

Amex iPhone apps launched in 10 international markets

Urban Dash

Location-based iPhone game for New Balance Shoes

The Matching Game

Facebook dating app where you match up your friends

Marketing Innovation

Ogilvy & Mather Innovation Lab

Former Director of Ogilvy's Digital Innovation Lab in New York

Mobile Marketing

Panel speaker at App Development conference