About Trendsight

Trendsight networks independent brands and retailers to create a winning combination of fast fashion vertical integration. Trendsight quickly identifies trends and pinpoints best sellers to capitalize on the life expectancy of trends for our retailer and brand partners.


Trends are identified through a proprietary technology platform.

This technology turns traditional Brick and Mortar and E-Commerce into Fast Fashion.

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Our Value


Retailers will sustain a high level of sell through and profit margin due to precise monitoring of inventory per square foot.


Brand will increase profitability by testing small batches, responding to market demand, and quickly replenishing top sellers.

Trendsight is a Disruptive Win-Win for both Brands and Retailers

Our Technology

Trend Analysis

Trends are identified through a proprietary categorization system that combines detailed product attributes with aggregated sales data across brands and retailers.

Plug and Play

Trendsight is a Turn Key Solution that requires no effort from retailers. The product easily integrates into all leading retail point-of-sale systems.

Trendsight is a Turn Key Solution